Check Point Software Technologies [NASDAQ: CHKP]: Endpoint Security—Guaranteed

Gil Shwed, Founder and CEO, Check Point Software TechnologiesGil Shwed, Founder and CEO
The proliferation of IoT devices in tandem with the rising demand for mobility in work environment has opened new set of cybersecurity challenges for global organizations. As corporates and government agencies allow employees and partners to connect to their private networks, the risk of cyberattacks has grown exponentially. Sophisticated attacks in the form of spyware and ransomware attacks have made devices vulnerable, rendering corporate and government networks exposed to advanced persistent threats. A comprehensive cybersecurity solutions provider for on-premise, cloud, and mobile platforms, Check Point, provides well-rounded security for the data, devices and the IT infrastructure of the organizations.

Today, the enterprises are targeted through phishing emails that direct the users to a malware-infected weblink, which renders the user network vulnerable to botnets, malware, Trojans, and viruses. Checkpoint SandBlast Agent, an endpoint security software, addresses these cybersecurity challenges with a set of tools such as threat emulation, threat extraction, anti-bot, and zero phishing. The SandBlast software monitors and records every endpoint event for analysis to increase protection. “Cyber attacks have cost billions of dollars in damages. With ransomware attacks becoming more widespread, it’s critical for consumers to defend themselves with a dedicated tool powerful enough to protect their PCs and precious files from being seized and held hostage by hackers,” says Nathan Shuchami, VP of Emerging Products, Check Point.

Additionally, Check Point’s suite of Endpoint Policy Management software allows the security managers to report, analyze, and unify endpoint management of all the devices in the internal network in a single console. The company’s endpoint security implementation also protects the data stored on the network through full disk encryption. Another key element of Check Point includes the Endpoint Remote Access Virtual Private Network (VPN) software that provides secure access to data stored on the corporate network through the endpoint security and management program.

We believe focusing on prevention, sharing real-time attack information and consolidation of the security infrastructure can stop the next attack

With focus on network security and performance, Check Point offers SmartOptimize service and security assessment to enhance the security level within an organization. Gil Shwed, Founder and CEO, Check Point explains, “The major attacks that occurred during the last few months have demonstrated the need for a different approach to cybersecurity. We believe focusing on prevention, sharing real-time attack information and consolidation of the security infrastructure can stop the next attack”.

A case study that highlights the efficacy of Check Point’s inventive cybersecurity solutions is when NHS Blood and Transplant—a division of the National Health Service—needed to enhance the protection for sensitive data on their PCs to comply with the latest UK Government’s directives on data security in the public sector. Check Point Endpoint Security enabled NHS Blood and Transplant to further protect the data on its fleet of laptops, desktop PCs and USB storage devices against malware, data loss and theft. The highly effective full-disk encryption feature of Check Point secures the NHS Blood and Transplant’s data in a comprehensive manner.

Having achieved the certifications from the U.S. Department of Defense Certification for Cyber Security Appliances for Data Firewall (DFW), Intrusion Protection System and Intrusion Detection System (IPS/ IDS), and VPN, Check Point is resolute to tackle the breadth of advanced cyberthreats. The company plans to integrate application intelligence within its suite of cybersecurity software to further optimize the firewall security and improve the effectiveness of the cybersecurity platform. Through their improved Checkpoint Infinity platform, the company aims to provide enhanced security to client’s dynamic digital infrastructure.