Intelligent ID: Shield against the Insider Threat

Gone are the days when enterprise IT security entailed constructing high walls to keep attackers out. The advent of cloud computing, data mobility, and enhanced collaboration has changed it all. Employees now have access to more information from more devices and detecting insider threat requires a new paradigm. The vision to create a new model marked the genesis of Intelligent ID. The Worthington, OH based firm offers a broad range of solutions aimed at protecting organizations from insider threats. “We are committed to providing solutions focused on security, compliance, and productivity,” says Glen Kazerman, CEO of Intelligent ID. By monitoring the endpoint devices continuously, Intelligent ID gains unique precision.

Intelligent ID’s insider threat management suite comprises three solutions – Scan ID, Endpoint ID, and Encrypt ID. Scan ID is a proprietary data discovery and classification tool that scans all devices and networks providing full visibility and cataloging of sensitive information including PII, PHI, and intellectual property.

Endpoint ID is a robust endpoint solution that encompasses data loss prevention, identity and activity analysis. Endpoint ID allows an organization to track data points that are otherwise invisible to standard DLP tools. Endpoint ID prevents sensitive data from leaking, monitors for HIPAA, FERPA, and PCI violations, and protects file integrity. Identity analysis allows monitoring of keywords to identify potential threats, and scans for transfers of business-critical data. Activity analysis identifies productivity concerns by comparing statistics between identities, groups, and departments. It also provides a comprehensive view of application usage identifying the user, files accessed, and percentage of time devoted to each.

Encrypt ID is a patented, simple to use, and future proof data-centric security tool. It automatically encrypts files moved to external devices, cloud storage, or sent outside the organization via email.

“We provide clients with a complete insider risk management solution,” states Shawn M. Thompson, Chief Operating Officer. Intelligent ID’s suite can be delivered on-premises, in the cloud, or as a Managed Security Service, which includes complete agent configuration and management; 24/7 event monitoring; and full event log management.

Intelligent ID also offers an industry first Insider Threat Program Manager-as-a-Service that provides clients with insider threat expertise, without the need to hire a full-time ITPM. Organizations utilize this service to add insider risk expertise and guidance to their team, create Insider Threat Programs, select tools, and to conduct risk assessments. According to Thompson, “Our customers realize 75-80% savings over hiring a full-time ITPM.”

Kazerman highlights a client success story of a large hospital that experienced an insider threat incident. With the most comprehensive solution and endpoint protection software on the market, Intelligent ID was an obvious choice. The engagement began with a risk assessment that identified critical assets, threats, and vulnerabilities. Intelligent ID then developed a comprehensive solution. After only a few days, the client was able to identify and mitigate the threats.

In their journey forward, Intelligent ID has major geographical expansion plans across North America, Europe, and Asia. Intelligent ID is partnering with industry leaders such as Lexmark, which has expanded their channel opportunities. “Our goal is to continue partnering with market leading companies to combine our solutions and create an ecosystem that screams innovation,” remarks Kazerman. One such innovation is the first-to-market API that allows Intelligent ID to integrate with any print vendor and capture and analyze in real-time and off the glass, all content from a printer or MFD. “We offer the only solution that truly closes the gap between digital and hardcopy risk,” concludes Thompson.
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Intelligent ID

Hartford , CT

Shawn M. Thompson, COO and Glen Kazerman, CEO

IntelligentID offers one-of-a-kind endpoint platform that monitors and warns about the suspect endpoint activities to secure organizations' most precious assets. The endpoint security solution company offers security solutions and insider threat management for organizations of all sized across the world. Four Intelligent ID products proactively protect enterprises against data loss, compliance offenses, job liability, and inadequate use of business resources, infrastructure concerns, and threats to insiders. Instant visibility and scheduled reconstruction of the incident are provided by the company’s robust data analysis and forensic capabilities.