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Modern workflows are no more constricted within a cubicle or the four walls of an office and have shifted to employees being able to work from any location, using the devices they own. The proliferation of IoT has further increased the demand for that kind of mobility. Additionally, the trend of bring your own device (BYOD) has led to the need to ensure appropriate endpoint management, keeping a keen eye on the security. If not taken heed, most organizations are at the risk of rampant cyberattacks and data loss, which can take a toll on their entire operations. To this end, LogMeIn steps in with its endpoint management solutions to effectively monitor and control the servers and workstations, while enabling them in protecting IT assets, from a central location. “Our solutions and services are designed primarily for IT teams and MSPs. Our endpoint management software makes it easy to track, update and protect IT assets, centrally,” states William Wagner, the CEO of LogMeIn.

With a special focus on small and medium businesses (SMBs), LogMeIn helps clients carry out automated updates, software patching, and anti-virus integrations. Its endpoint management solutions allow workers and customers in remote areas to perform their tasks seamlessly while providing easy access to hosts. The company further facilitates Push Windows updates, along with alerts and monitoring of the systems and the users’ activities. Its anti-virus management software provides visibility on the threats that can hamper organizations’ data and initiates regular scans to check for malware or vulnerabilities within the systems.

Another important offering of LogMeIn is LastPass that enables users to save passwords for all their activities in one go, which can be easily accessible via all devices. The built-in password generator provides strong, randomized passwords to avoid any foul play or hacking. The distinctive capability of this solution is its continued protection of sensitive data via encryption, stored across various devices. Apart from this, the company offers LogMeIn Pro, which enhances the remote control capabilities of users along with effective password management for all devices. LogMeIn Central helps monitor, manage, and secure endpoint infrastructure while providing remote support and access.

Our solutions and services are designed primarily for IT teams and MSPs. Our endpoint management software makes it easy to track, update and protect IT assets, centrally

One of the heralding successes off LogMeIn was with its collaboration with a technology outsourcing and managed services provider, Clevespace Interactive. The firm faced varied obstacles in automating their business operations, creating consistency within their workflow, and streamlining break-fix tasks to build strong strategic relationships. By leveraging LogMeIn Central, they were successful in forming groups and organize their clients while deploying LogMeIn hosts for ensuring remote and proactive maintenance of endpoints. They have further utilized their One2Many Automated management to receive patch updates and anti-virus, reducing human error to a great extent. They also receive real-time insights and alerts on the users’ activities, non-admins’ installation, while being able to make sure their clients are compliant to the regulatory norms of the software.

LogMeIn also continuously thrives on providing remote and reliable access on iOS and Android with regular software updates and inventory reports to organize IT teams efficaciously. The company further enables clients to manage endpoints from any location using a single-view dashboard, while protecting the central premier computers with leading anti-malware software. “We create solutions, and services that simplify people’s interaction with each other and the world around them to drive meaningful insights, deeper relationships, and better outcomes for all,” concludes Wagner.
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William Wagner, CEO

LogMeIn is the centered command around endpoint management and security. It ensures the clients have the right software and tools to protect and secure their devices, whether within the organization or from any other location. The company also allows clients to access data remotely, without the fear of any cyberattacks or data breaches. The myriad of solutions and services including remote management, endpoint management, along with its proprietary products of LogMeIn Pro and LogMeIn Control provides an end-to-end security and protection of all devices and networks connected to their clients’ organizations

LogMeIn News

LogMeIn Partners with Dolby to Elevate the GoToRoom Meeting Experience

BOSTON: LogMeIn, Inc. (NASDAQ:LOGM) announced that it has partnered with Dolby Laboratories to support the recently released GoToRoom system. The new collaboration will combine GoToRoom’s easy-to-use, fast, and cost-effective system, backed by industry leading GoToMeeting software, with Dolby’s best in class hardware solutions to turn huddle and conference rooms into high-end video enabled spaces.

Dolby Voice® solution will help to elevate the GoToRoom experience by delivering natural, lifelike meetings as conference rooms become more essential workspaces to collaborate with people inside and outside the office. When using GoToRoom, meeting attendees will be able to experience the spectacular audio delivered by Dolby Voice along with Dolby’s best in class, advanced video capabilities, no matter their location or device.

“With most conferencing solutions today, people spend far too much time struggling to be heard or figuring out what is being said by participants. Dolby’s expertise in audio and video technologies enables us to deliver a natural, life-like, and intuitive conferencing experience with Dolby Voice,” said Andrew Border, Vice President, Communications Business Group, Dolby. “With LogMeIn’s leadership in the collaboration and communication market, along with our shared passion for delivering spectacular user experiences, we will now be able to deliver Dolby Voice to a larger audience.”

Utilizing Dolby’s Room-as-a-Service (RaaS) model, businesses will be able to pay a low all-inclusive monthly rate for both the hardware and software, eliminating the need for large upfront costs when outfitting multiple rooms. This subscription-based pricing model removes the headaches that have long been associated with the purchasing of hardware. Cost-efficient and hassle-free, RaaS allows companies to stay within budget, steer clear of intimidating overheads, and avoid lengthy internal approvals, making the GoToRoom and Dolby Voice rooms solution one of the easiest to buy, easiest to use and easiest to support in the market.

“As an innovator in audio and video technologies, Dolby brings an immense amount of expertise to our vision of creating best-in-class, easy to set up and manage, video enabled spaces,” said Mark Strassman, Senior Vice President and General Manager, UCC at LogMeIn. “With companies increasingly dispersed, and analyst firms such as Aragon Research predicting that by 2022 65% of conference rooms will be video-enabled, it’s more important than ever to offer the most realistic in room experience so that colleagues, customers and partners can feel like they are in the same space whether they are sitting across the table or across the globe. Through our collaboration with Dolby, we are closer than ever to achieving that goal and we look forward to delivering this to the market later this summer.”

LogMeIn’s UCC portfolio also offers InRoom Link, which allows users with existing supported video conferencing systems to quickly connect to GoToMeeting for easy in-room collaboration. Rooms with H.323 or SIP-enabled equipment can join meetings by simply entering a code generated by GoToMeeting invites.

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