Top 10 Endpoint Security Solution Companies 2017

TEHTRIS: eGambit, the Cyber Defense Arsenal

Laurent Oudot, CEO, TEHTRISLaurent Oudot, CEO
With technologies like cloud computing and mobile being touted as quintessential—from revolution to the biggest disruption— the vulnerabilities around endpoint security have reached fever pitch and the emerging IoT is pushing the cyber defense front, which is already battle-weary, to the limits. Moreover, pressed by limited time and budget, white hats need to protect an increasing number of end-devices with more complex and open infrastructures against sophisticated digital intrusions— given way by stealthy malware and ransomware. “eGambit is a new take on cybersecurity using enhanced endpoint protection, which correlates all kinds of security events to determine whether something is amiss in a network. Deployed through cloud or on-premise, eGambit can regularly perform around 9000 vulnerabilities checks to give a thorough view of your surface of exposure,” states Laurent Oudot, CEO at TEHTRIS. This French company, created a cyber defense arsenal, called eGambit, to monitor and improve IT security against complex threats like cyber-spying or cyber-sabotage activities for example.

Combating cyber threats requires not only proactive defensive algorithms which can replicate attack patterns and reverse engineer to feign the perpetrators, but also an endpoint solution’s adaptability to various environments. TEHTRIS shows zero tolerance to any kind of threats; eGambit endpoint agent seamlessly adapts to various environments and comes with an appliance that is capable of centralizing different security events throughout the infrastructure. Thereafter, it performs automated analysis by running unknown elements in various tools like sandboxes, antivirus software, and AI engines, leveraging the large threat intelligence databases worldwide.
Furthermore, beyond the fact that eGambit Endpoint Security agents sport features such as rapid detection and resolution, TEHTRIS has also beefed up its arsenal with advanced features like the Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) for workstations and remote audits. TEHTRIS is oftentimes approached by Fortune 500 companies to give them a real-time overview of potential issues regarding remote or internal spying activities, and even zero day threats and Advanced Persistent Threats (APT). Laurent Oudot accredits the firm’s success to his security engineers. “We‘ve been working hard from a technical point of view to design and create the best technologies like eGambit Artificial Intelligence engine—used by the eGambit Endpoint Security agent—to protect sensitive infrastructures.”

This 24/7 Security Threat Monitoring, Breach Assessment and Incident Response Service blocked enhanced cyberattacks worldwide

Since inception, TEHTRIS has been at the vanguard of protecting its clients’ crucial infrastructures. Its engagement with a multi-national company whose infrastructure was active in 15 countries really blazes a trail. The client’s infrastructure was deeply compromised and they wanted to perform worldwide forensics operation on thousands of Windows devices with enhanced security monitoring and massive cleansing. Once eGambit Endpoint Security agent was deployed, within 24 hours, TEHTRIS security experts were able to discover that 20 percent of the infrastructure was impaired. In response, TEHTRIS created tremendous global Indicators of Compromise alongside specific quarantining and cleaning procedures. In less than a week, the customer had a protected worldwide Windows environment, void of unwanted programs such as APT and other malware.

Protecting customers worldwide, TEHTRIS has bagged prestigious Fortune 500 businesses and plans to deploy eGambit in more countries. Moving ahead, Laurent Oudot intends to take a more offensive stance against complex attacks by fortifying TEHTRIS’ weaponry with abilities to detect future stealthy methods.