Top 10 Endpoint Security Solution Companies 2017

Webroot: Combating Cyberthreats with Endpoint Security

Dick Williams, CEO, WebrootDick Williams, CEO
With the evolution of technology, malware and other types of viruses have become sophisticated enough to slip past security systems undetected. To tackle this, Webroot located in Broomfield, CO, has created a multi-vector endpoint protection system that provides security to users and their devices at all stages of an attack, across every possible attack vector. Dick Williams, CEO of Webroot says, “Leveraging our cloud-based platform and the power of machine learning, our security solutions address the threats of Internet of Everything.” Webroot Secure Anywhere Endpoint Protection follows a unique security approach, shielding systems from threats coming in from numerous vectors, including file attachments, hyperlinks, ads, email, web browsing, and social media apps.

Utilizing cloud-based technology, Webroot possesses the potential to accurately detect viruses at each endpoint. Webroot deals with instant attacks of malware with its SecureAnywhere File pattern, predictive behavior recognition technology combined with highly advanced machine learning, along with the processing power of cloud computing. Since Webroot’s SecureAnywhere Business Endpoint Protection is cloud-based, deployment or management of definitions or signatures are not required. Since malware detection occurs on a continual basis in real-time, increase in efficiency of systems becomes a reality.

Leveraging our cloud-based platform and the power of machine learning, our security solutions address the threats of Internet of Everything

Standing apart from its compeers, Webroot’s innovative cybersecurity solutions perform scheduled system scans that span 18 seconds without affecting device performance irrespective of it being a server environment or a virtual desktop. Also, the need to replace existing systems does not arise as Webroot’s software agent coexists with other antivirus solutions. Providing tangible efficacy and flexible cloud-based management and powering predictive prevention through Webroot’s Threat Intelligence Platform, Webroot’s SecureAnywhere Business Endpoint Protection comes with key security features such as the Identity Shield, Infrared, Web Threat Shield, and Intelligent Outbound Firewall along with powerful heuristics.

In a particular case, an SMB client found Webroot’s protection most effective. With the deployment of Webroot, users reported excellent virus protection which increased productivity. Moreover, with Webroot’s ability to deploy profiles based on the user’s Active Directory structure, the need for an OS license and an additional system was eliminated, which enabled the client to save significant revenue.

Currently, Webroot serves companies in Germany, Austria, and Ireland. In the future, Webroot will extend its services to the SBMs in the U.S., UK, and Australia to counter the increase in external cyber security threats. With the current scenario of the cybersecurity landscape, Webroot is prepped to take on challenging business problems.