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Top 10 Endpoint Security Consulting/Service Companies - 2020

The need to achieve responsible enterprise security has taken centre stage in enterprise IT management in recent years, precipitated by a deluge of public data breaches that damaged company reputations. However, many business professionals seem to cling to a common misconception that the implementation of a malware protection tool provides blanket protection against all potential security risks. It is certainly true that scanning and remediation tools for malware—including viruses, Trojans, ransomware and adware—continue to be critical components of any security arsenal. These challenges are only accelerating due to a new generation of advanced malware attacks that are designed to target specific environments or conditions and are more resistant to removal or cleanup.

However, it is important to recognize that these threats represent only a portion of the total risks posed by the use of endpoint devices in modern business environments. Beyond approved and current operating systems and antivirus software, the use of a VPN client with personal firewall is one of the most important prerequisites for secure access to the company network from end devices.

With increasing connectivity in the industrial sector, more and more devices are connected to the company network without an end user. The endpoint security framework is another method at company’s disposal for securing their network. Managing these multiple endpoint technologies adds to the complexity of the environment. IT and security teams across organizations want ‘simple to deploy and use’, ‘easy to manage’ product that can work on heterogeneous environments and provide overall security.

To stay competitive and drive innovation, most organizations are embracing digital innovation (DI) in the form of cloud services, smart Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices, and greater mobility. Among the benefits of DI, users gain faster, more seamless access to critical information using any device from any location at any time. However, the proliferation of connected devices also expands the attack surface, which makes endpoints prime targets for malware infections and sophisticated exploits. When it comes to protecting these disparate endpoints, the IT infrastructure leader plays a critical role.

We present to you, “Top 10 Endpoint Security Consulting/Service Companies - 2020.”

    Top Endpoint Security Consulting/Service Companies

  • Alacrinet combines customer-focused consulting with in-depth technical knowledge and certifications to bring the best solutions and services. The company brings its expertise to help clients decide on the endpoint security solution right for their team. With the increasing complexity and need for multiple security solutions, Alacrinet simplifies the selection process by choosing a befitting solution for the business. They identify and implement the solutions that work well in a unique environment and secure competitive pricing

  • Tuearis Cyber is a Veteran owned business providing security solutions nationwide. With a holistic approach to security, Tuearis’ Managed Endpoint Defense program acts as a complete security package and offers behavior-based Antivirus software, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Web Security, Threat and Vulnerability management, and more. The Tuearis team has been involved in a number of high profile cases and performed post-breach forensic analysis, remediation, and various SIEM projects for companies such as Spirit Aerosystems, American Airlines, Target, AIG, Dyncorp, Protiviti, IBM, and Robert Half, as well many small and medium sized businesses and governmental organizations

  • Advisor Consulting Group

    Advisor Consulting Group

    Advisor Consulting Group was founded in 2007, is a company dedicated to the consultation and advisory in IT specifically for Business. Market leader for our constant research for solutions in information security both effective and robust. Innovative in implementing technical support and customer service with efficient and safe solutions. ACG is proud to release our new brand torii® cloud systems. This cloud services it´s located in their data centers with all the platforms to be stable and secure

  • Armature Systems

    Armature Systems

    The firm’s mission is simple: To provide the best network engineering, security, automation, and wireless services in the Bay Area. They believe technology should never be a roadblock – it should empower and enable the client’s company, their employees, and purpose. Armature Systems specialize in helping their customers deliver secure services and applications on their campus networks, data center, and cloud infrastructure

  • CyberGen


    CyberGen is an award winning company with a reputation for mastering complex technology, providing exceptional service with unparalleled work ethic and implementing team building concepts to every aspect of our work. CyberGen is dedicated to ensuring that each customer engagement is a TEAM experience. TEAM is a word not thrown around lightly at CyberGen. Every member at CyberGen is chosen based on an individual understanding and desire to put customer needs first and guide them through an exceptional experience that generates results

  • Delval Technology Solutions

    Delval Technology Solutions

    The firm offers a full array of managed IT services, managed security services and cloud managed services to simplify and streamline the client’s workday. No matter how much involvement they require, the firm can supplement service on certain projects or take on all of your IT needs. Delval Technology Solutions’ team has the experience and resources to support the client’s business. The firm is a leading information technology management company located in Southeastern Pennsylvania

  • Kaizen Solution Group

    Kaizen Solution Group

    Kaizen Solutions Group is an agile and versatile cyber strategy and technology consulting firm. The firm is well-positioned to respond to their client’s cyber needs by deploying multidisciplinary teams drawn from a pool of our most talented subject matter experts. Today, government agencies and commercial entities alike need to address broad and complex cyber security challenges. Kaizen Solutions Group offers strategic, operational, and transformational experience that pivots on vendor-agnostic approaches, creating systemic Cyber solutions that provide enduring value

  • OnsiteIn60


    OnsiteIn60 takes on all challenges and responsibilities of maintaining the entire Information Technology infrastructure, so that client’s can focus on doing what they do best. The firm helps small and medium-sized companies with a full spectrum of managed IT services and IT support across the East Coast and beyond. Their certified IT support specialists provide technical assistance when the client’s need it at a price they can afford

  • Presidio


    Presidio is a leading North American IT solutions provider focused on Digital Infrastructure, Business Analytics, Cloud, Security & Emerging solutions. The firm delivers this technology expertise through a full life cycle model of professional, managed, and support services including strategy, consulting, implementation and design. Presidio is the premier provider of digital transformation solutions built on agile secure infrastructure deployed in a hybrid cloud world with business analytics

  • ThinkOn


    ThinkOn delivers critical data management and information asset protection solutions that help companies optimize their IT infrastructure investment. The firm helps organizations leverage cloud technology to maximize compute, network, and storage resources. They work with vendor partners to deliver secure, fast, and scalable solutions. For the client’s remote workforce, ThinkOn is offering a limited period 90-Day Free Trial for AppGuard Solo to ensure complete data protection of the workstations