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Top 10 Endpoint Security Consulting/Services Companies - 2019

Threats are becoming more sophisticated and breaches increasingly common, causing anxiety within organizations. This fear amplifies a pervasive willingness to purchase more endpoint protection solutions. Endpoint security spend is greater than ever. And yet, the endpoint is “patient zero” in the vast majority of recent breaches, proving that simply spending more on security tools isn’t enough. While the answer may be decreasing complexity on the endpoint, many of those services are needed.
In addition, the number of combinations of security controls from a variety of vendors makes it impossible to test pre-deployment by enterprises. Endpoints still require patches, encryption and other protections, and those controls must be resilient themselves. This resilience can only be made possible through persistence—that is, maintaining a constant, unbreakable connection to data and devices that identifies and remediates security issues as they arise through consultation services.

Encryption is the staple security tool most often taken for granted. While it can certainly provide protection, it is not a “set it and forget it” solution—quite the contrary. Whether disabled by users or through malfunction, encryption is regularly broken, disabled, misconfigured, or missing entirely. In fact, at any given point in time, over 42 percent of endpoints experienced encryption failures. However, the near half-time spent unencrypted is only part of the story. The study found that data protections are voided when chronically fragile encryption agents fail. What’s more, encryption failures occur reliably and predictably—two percent of encryption agents failed every week. While half of all encryption failures occurred within two weeks, the rate of decay is constant: eight percent failure per 30 days. In addition to the failure rates, patch and client management agents are often repeat offenders. Of those patching agents requiring repair, 75 percent reported at least two repair events and 50 percent reported three or more repair events. Additionally, five percent could be considered to be chronically ill, with 80 or more repair events in the same one-month period.

The critical endpoint security solurtions we rely on are flawed. They are extremely fragile, degrade quickly, and create unnecessary friction for users. The study found an average of 10 distinct agents layered onto most of the devices. With this number, it’s inevitable that agents will collide, be disabled by users, or go unpatched. These blind spots hinder the visibility of IT and security leaders and leave endpoints—and the organizations to which they belong—increasingly vulnerable over time. The real problem organizations face is in ensuring that these controls remain in place and are functioning at all times.

It is pointless to invest more money into exciting new technologies (such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and machine learning) if the basic measures—visibility, control, and resilience—are not operating effectively first. And thus, to help business providers select the best, most promising endpoint security consulting/services, Enterprise Security Magazine, in conjunction with a distinguished panel of prominent marketing specialists and analysts, and our very own editorial board, have assessed and shortlisted companies who offer comprehensive and seamless consulting/services in the endpoint security industry. This listing gives a comprehensive understanding of consulting/services that can be implemented to optimize your business process.

We present to you, our “Top 10 Endpoint Security Consulting/Services Companies - 2019.”

    Top Endpoint Security Consulting/Services Companies

  • With the belief that the only viable option for adequately protecting any type of network and endpoint is to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), ACG partnered with Sophos, a leading cybersecurity solutions provider. ACG offers the best support to accommodate the unique needs of every client’s network with a range of IT security products with AI and ML at their core. ACG is ushering in the era of synchronized security, enabling organizations to be more secure than ever with complete prevention, detection, intervention, and remediation

  • Provides information security, network security, advanced data protection, forensics and remote access VPN for end-toend protection

  • Presidio Cyber Risk Management provides clients with a holistic approach for effective security policies and procedures, risk assessment and management, regulatory compliance, incident response, and education and awareness. The company uses an established risk management methodology and proprietary risk scoring process to provide the IT leader and board of directors with an ongoing view of their organization’s risk exposure and remediation path. The company’s security risk management suite covers consulting, hardware, software, services and support for next generation risk management, infrastructure security, managed security, and security controls. The company’s framework addresses all areas of your infrastructure and integrates assessments, governance, compliance and architecture as a risk management program

  • Bluestone Analytics

    Bluestone Analytics

    Founded in 2014, Bluestone Analytics is a Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB) built around a diverse team of innovative security professionals who are passionate about defending data. The firm offers businesses the expertise and technology necessary to defend their data and we help our clients leverage their strengths and resources in simple ways that boost resiliency and their ability to recover quickly following a cyber-attack. It also, focuses on helping businesses prevent the loss of intellectual property or other sensitive data due to malicious hacking, corporate espionage, and the insider theft

  • Meyer Hill Lynch

    Meyer Hill Lynch

    Meyer Hill Lynch blends its strong set of technical capabilities with a relentless commitment to customer satisfaction to consistently deliver superior solutions and dependable support services to meet its clients’ goals. The firm spends time to understand their client’s needs before delivering solutions, then custom fit support plans to make sure their technology stays up-to-date, efficient, functional, safe and secure. Meyer Hill Lynch strongly values the skills, experience and dedication of the team they have built, and their clients enjoy the benefit of developing long standing relationships with the people they have come to know and trust

  • Quadrivium


    Quadrivium is just the right size to provide a completely personal experience when it comes to service. It provides best-in-class service alongside its state-of-the-art technology solutions that can be customized to client's business and give them a competitive edge in efficiency. With fully redundant power supplies, security systems, and monitoring software client’s data is guaranteed safe through natural disasters, targeted intrusion, and more. The firm’s cybersecurity professionals will develop a plan tailored to your organization’s needs, designed to keep your data safe and secure and professionals are eager to be your organization’s new IT extension

  • SecureStrux


    SecureStrux is a women-owned small business that provides specialized services in the areas of compliance, vulnerability management, cybersecurity strategies and engineering solutions. The firm’s comprehensive services provide both small and large organizations with proven methods and common-sense approaches to secure their data, build trust with their clients, and remain compliant with DoD, Federal, and Commercial cyber governance. Established in 2008 and with deep roots in the DoD cybersecurity community, SecureStrux has a dynamic and talented team of industry-certified professionals that serve some of our country’s largest public and private organizations

  • StratoZen


    Offers cloud-delivered SIEM-as-a-Service, SOC-as-a-Service, endpoint and data protection solutions, and its proprietary worldwide active threat feed. StratoZen offers cloud-delivered SIEM-as-a-Service, SOC-as-a-Service, endpoint and data protection solutions, and its proprietary worldwide active threat feed. For established MSSPs and enterprises, StratoZen provides custom-tailored implementation and management services for FortiSIEM, other Fortinet Security Fabric products, and compliance solutions with particular expertise in PCI, FFIEC, HIPAA, and DFARS. Some of the largest MSPs in the world use StratoZen for security and compliance monitoring behind the scenes and are experts in building MSPs and MSSPs, with deep proficiency in PCI, FFIEC, and HIPAA compliance

  • Trustlook


    Trustlook has gone on to become the global leader in next-generation cybersecurity products based on artificial intelligence. Trustlook's innovative SECUREai engine delivers the performance and scalability needed to provide total threat protection against malware and other forms of attack. Their innovative SECUREai engine delivers the performance and scalability needed to provide total threat protection against malware and other forms of attack. Trustlook’s solutions protect mobile devices, network appliances, and the IoT and offers all security services including malware detection, URL filtering, App Insight, Wifi security detection, smart contract auditing

  • Vigilant


    Vigilant is all about providing the highest quality service at a competitive price that offers our customers peace of mind. Vigilant's CyberDNA platform gives its customers real-time cyber threat alerts, policy adherence, malware analysis, and immediate correlation of their logging against Vigilant's distributed cyber intelligence network. The firm intends to be the best customer-focused security and total IT solution provider for its customers while positively affecting the lives of their employees and generously giving to help orphans around the world. Vigilant’s sound methodologies, proprietary strategies and proven expertise have established a solid reputation for quality work and continued advisory services